G-C Partners offers training classes focusing on basic and advanced computer forensic techniques privately to our clients as well as through our partners.

We directly offer for internal training:

  • Non-Technical Forensics (2 days):

This two day class focuses on forensic imaging, legal procedures and forensic essentials for non technical personnel. We offer this class to first responders and physical security staff to teach them how to properly respond to an incident where and when it occurs. We take our students through the requirements of digital evidence through the collection of evidence and the creation of the chain of custody. We end the class with a mock deposition and testimony. The class concludes with a comprehensive test, and to those that pass G-C Partners will issue a certificate of completion.

  • Technical Forensic (2 days):

This two day class focuses on forensic reconstruction, investigation and the technical concepts required for advanced computer forensics. We offer this class to internal investigators and information security staff to teach them how to handle the most common types of internal investigations. We cover everything from the recovery of deleted evidence to recovering email and detecting wiping and encryption. As a learning aid to our students we also provide a copy of our book Hacking Exposed: Computer Forensics which serves as their reference and lab book throughout the course of the class. The class concludes with a comprehensive test, and to those that pass G-C Partners will issue a certificate of completion

We offer through our partner Paraben the following course:

  • Basic Forensic Investigations of Microsoft Based Networks

TrainingThis instructor led course is designed to be 40% lecture, 60% practical application. It covers the fundamental architecture of a Microsoft based network, and how its various components interact. In this five day course students will need to forensically acquire and examine a network consisting of an IIS Server, SQL Server, Exchange Server, Terminal Server, Share Point and ISA Firewall, which has been compromised and being used for elicit purposes. The course is designed to provide students with practical experience using a compliment of forensic tools to discover how and by whom the network was compromised, as well as document processes and actions taken to prepare the case for trial.

  • Digital Evidence for Legal Professionals

Digital Evidence for Legal Professionals is a one day technical course, designed to give attorneys and litigation support specialists a practical understanding of the fundamental components of computer forensics.

Through a combination of lecture and live demonstrations, you'll gain a first hand understanding of the components of computer forensics, and how they are meaningful to any case which involves technology. When you leave this course, you'll know what's possible, what's not, how to interpret what your forensic expert is telling you, and how to leverage digital evidence.

We'll cover myths and misunderstandings, as well as provide viable strategies for dealing with the challenges presented by various data sources such as backup tapes, email servers, PDA's web mail, and more.



Hacking Exposed: Computer ForensicsHacking Exposed: Computer Forensics is a bestselling guide read by and used to train computer forensic specialists around the world.

At G-C Partners we didn’t just learn our industry, we wrote the book. Our book is a direct product of our years of experience as members and leaders of the computer forensic community.

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