Computer Forensic Investigations

G-C Partners provides rapid response to internal investigations anywhere around the world. We specialize in the following types of investigations:

  • Theft of Intellectual Property
  • Misappropriation of funds/assets
  • Destruction of electronic documents
  • E-mail investigations
  • Improper use of company systems
  • HR Investigations
  • Incident Response
  • Email us to see if we can assist you in your unique need

Expert Witness and Expert Consulting Services

G-C Partners provides Expert services in civil litigation in both a Expert Witness and Expert Consulting capacity. At G-C Partners we compartmentalize our employees on a per case basis so that we can provide expert consulting services for a client at the beginning of litigation while maintaining bias free experts ready to assist in a testifying role. We specialize in the following types of litigation:

  • Theft of Intellectual Property
  • Patent Infringement
  • Unauthorized Access
  • Anti-Trust
  • Copyright infringement
  • DMCA
  • Improper Termination
  • Email us to see if we can assist your in your unique case

Digital Litigation Support Services

G-C Partners offers our clients digital litigation support services that compliment those of electronic discovery vendors. Working for your firm or partner with your electronic discovery vendors we focus on the following services:

  • Document Conversion
  • Legacy data restoration and conversion
  • Native Data Collection
  • Forensic Evidence Collection
  • Native Document Production
  • Data Reduction

Forensic Lab Consulting

If you have an existing forensic computer lab and are interested in a third party opinion on improving your operating efficiency, scalability or ability to respond than G-C Partners can help. With our years of experience in the creation and expansion of cutting edge computer forensic facilities at all budget levels we can assist you in assuring yourself and others that your facility will be able to perform at optimum levels

Tape Restoration

G-C Partners staff have been restoring, analyzing and forensically reconstructing the contents of backup tapes since 2002. We have experience with backup systems such as Netbackup, Backup Exec, Brightstor, Tivoli Storage Manager, Commvault, Arch sight, Netvault and more! Employing both native and non native restoration techniques G-C Partners can restore the responsive data within backup tapes at a fixed cost. Our most popular request is Microsoft Exchange backup restorations but we support file servers and other types of applications.

Our fixed fee tape restorations have no variable fee’s so you will not be surprised with a per megabyte charge at the end. One of our unique services is On-Site Tape restoration. We are able to come onsite to your location and either integrate into your current backup environment or create a specialized restoration environment at your facility so you don’t have to worry about backup tapes that may be under multiple legal holds being damaged or lost in transit.

Please contact us for a quote, including the following information:

  • Type of backup tape (if known)
  • Type of software that wrote the tape (if known)
  • Type of data you want to restore from the tape
  • Names of custodians you want to restore from the tape

Unsure about any of the questions above? G-C Partners can also forensically examine your backup tapes to find out:

A) What wrote them
B) What is located on them
C) Which custodians reside within them



When you need to know...


When you need to know what’s happening on your computers or networks, your most valuable data is hiding in plain sight... on desktop and laptop computers, cell phones, backup tapes, keychain memory and more.

With proper computer forensics practices, that data can be identified and assembled to give you the full picture of your computer systems, whether simply for internal knowledge or for use as evidence in a courtroom.

G-C Partners was founded with the goal of providing expert knowledge of computer forensics to our clients. With this sole goal in mind G-C Partners strives to give outstanding service from all of our service offerings.

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