G-C Partners was founded with the goal of providing expert knowledge of computer forensics to our clients. With this sole goal in mind G-C Partners strives to give outstanding service from all of our service offerings.

G-C Partners LLC is a full service computer forensic consultancy offering Computer Forensic Investigations, Expert Witness and Expert Consulting, Digital Litigation Support, Training, Custom Consulting and Forensic Lab Consulting. At G-C Partners we didn’t just learn our industry, we wrote the book.

At G-C Partners we pride ourselves in giving our clients the personal attention that only a boutique firm can offer. In all of the services we provide you will work with a senior level consultant who can provide assistance and advice in your matters from our years of experience in the industry. From our offices in the DFW metroplex G-C Partners is available to meet your unique needs with excellent service.

Published Works

Hacking Exposed

Hacking ExposedHacking Exposed: Computer Forensics is a bestselling guide read by and used to train computer forensic specialists around the world.

At G-C Partners we didn’t just learn our industry, we wrote the book. Our book is a direct product of our years of experience as members and leaders of the computer forensic community.

The Anti-Hacker Toolkit, Third Edition

The Anti-Hacker Toolkit, 3rd EditionG-C Partners understands forensics and part of that is information security and incident response. With this in mind we where asked to co-author the third edition of the anti hacker toolkit, available in stores and online today!



No matter what kind of media your data comes from G-C Partners treats it all equally, as evidence.

From hard drives, cell phones and PDAs to backup tapes G-C Partners has the expertise and resources on hand to forensically preserve any electronic evidence we may find.

G-C Partners creates the chain of custody and maintains the secure storage of the evidence so our clients don’t have to.

We work with you to identify what exists, what could be recovered and quickly report our findings to keep you in the loop.

After all, it is your data.

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